The Essential Investor Deck: Know the Impact of an Effective Presentation

A Complete Investors’ Deck: What should be included

A strong and complete investor deck is crucial to the success of your business. It will help you get funding, and also give you a solid talking point when meeting with potential investors. But what should be included in an investor deck?

First, let’s talk about what it is. Investor decks are presentations that entrepreneurs use when trying to raise money from high net worth individuals or venture capitalists. They can also be used in re-branding efforts, if you’re looking for new investors after a funding round has already happened.

The first thing that should be included in an investor deck is a company overview. The company overview should be short and to the point, with information about who you are and what your business does. It’s something that people can refer back to quickly, so it needs to be easily understood at first glance.

Investor Deck

Also, it’s important to include a short explanation of your business model, and how you make money. in addition, it should have information about the size of the market that you’re attacking, as well as any competitors in that space. Finally, this section needs to end with a clear call-to-action: what do you want investors to do next?

The second thing that should be included is an executive summary. This is essentially a shorter version of the company overview—it skips over some details and instead gets straight to the point regarding who your team members are, their experience and qualifications for working on this project or running this startup from day one through its future milestones (such as hiring more employees). Don’t forget key contact information here.

Next up is the market opportunity section. This should go deeper than what you included in your company overview, but not so deep that it’s no longer an investor deck—you want to be able to fit everything into one or two slides with enough detail for investors who are interested in learning more about your business and its industry. The main idea here is explaining why this space has room for another player (and how big of a potential there might be), as well as demonstrating some validation from customers/users/partners already on board.

Finally, include details regarding team members’ backgrounds and their roles at the startup. Don’t forget to highlight any key hires! Also make sure you have social proof available via quotes or additional information about partners, customers and investors, as well as any awards you’ve won.