Conversion Rate: What It Is and How to Increase it

The Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

What is conversion rate? The seo Sarnia, Trevor Tynes SEO Consultant has the answer. Conversion rate, also known as click-through-rate or website conversion rate, is the percentage of visitors to your site that convert into customers. It’s important to understand what it takes to increase a website’s conversion rates for two reasons: 1) It increases revenue and 2) It helps determine whether you’re using the right marketing strategy.

The first step to increasing your website’s conversion rate is to determine what your current conversion rates are. Make sure the site has been recently updated with content or redesign. If it hasn’t, then update it now because outdated websites don’t perform well in search engines anymore.

Optimize all online forms by reducing form fields from 15+ down to just a few important ones like name and email address. This is important because the more form fields there are, the less likely visitors will be willing to fill out the forms.

SEO Sarnia, Trevor Tynes SEO Consultant

Create an FAQ page that answers common questions about your product or business and place it on every page of your site. This is important because customers want quick answers before they buy – if you don’t provide this information then they’ll go somewhere else where they can get it.

Improve sales copy by making sure all text (on-site content) accurately describes what people should expect when purchasing from you. Also make sure to use subheadings within paragraphs so readers know exactly why they need your products or services right away!

Use trust signals like customer reviews and testimonials. Make sure to add these on every page of the site. Test different incentive offers: free shipping, buy two get one (BOGO) off coupons, etc. Use visuals in your marketing efforts whenever possible because it increases conversions by 80%.

Improve the website’s load speed which is a huge ranking factor with Google because they want to provide a great user experience.

Add more content on the site, especially blog posts related to your industry and product offering. If you have existing customers that would be interested in what you’re selling or promoting then reach out with some free offers like an ebook, checklist, template etc. just as long as it’s relevant.