The Types of Gazebo Side Panels You Should Purchase

Side Panel Options for Gazebos

Gazebos are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors on a nice day. They provide shade and protection from rain, snow or wind. Gazebos can be expensive, so you should take your time when purchasing them. Gazebo side panels come in different shapes and sizes which makes it easy to find something that will fit your needs perfectly.

First type of Gazebo Side Panels are solid panels. Solid panels do not have any windows or openings in them which makes it difficult for air to pass through when they are closed. This is great if you live in an area where the mosquitoes and other insects can be a problem, but it does make life very hot inside of your gazebo without some kind of ventilation like fans or open windows along with screened sides.

Gazebo Side Panels

The second type of Gazebo side panel that comes highly recommended by customers is the mesh screen design on one half and glass on the opposite end. With this set up there will still be protection from bugs, however, you get more fresh air into your gazebos because it screens over one side while allowing it to remain open on the other.

The third type of Gazebo side panels is a combination of both mesh and glass designs, but with this design you get more protection from insects as well as breezes through your gazebos because it has screens over one half while allowing for ventilation on the opposite end.

Another option that some people go with when purchasing their sides are known as “pet doors”. These types can be purchased separately or they can come along with an already assembled kit depending upon where you purchase them from. They allow pets such as dogs and cats to enter into your gazebo without assistance or supervision which means that if needed they will also offer an easy escape route for these animals in case there was ever a problem.