How to Repair Cracks in Your Driveway

How-to and DIY Tips

Cracks in your driveway are unsightly and can be dangerous. But you don’t need to hire a professional to fix them! Holland Asphalt Repair will show you how to repair cracks in your driveway so that it looks good again. With these easy steps, anyone can do it on their own time and at their convenience – without the expense of hiring someone else to do the job for them!

The first thing you need to do is get a bucket, some cold water and a stiff brush.

If the crack has any loose gravel or debris in it, you should remove that before moving on with repairs. You can use your fingers to scoop out small rocks, but for larger ones you may want to get something like a long screwdriver or pliers. If there happens to be any grass growing within the cracks of your driveway, then go ahead and pull those up as well – they will only cause more damage later if left alone! Next take a wire brush (or even just an old toothbrush) and scrub away at the dirt lining the bottom of each crack until all signs of soil are gone from beneath them. Once this step is complete, fill each crack with cold water and let it sit for about five minutes to soften the soil beneath.

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Afterwards, brush away any excess dirt (if there is some) until you are left only with clean cracks without loose debris or extra material of any kind within them. If your driveway happens to be very deep, then feel free to use a smaller can filled with hot water on top of ice cubes inside – this will help speed up the process even more! A good mixture would consist of two parts sand, three parts gravel and one part cement powder if you want professional results that last long term. Fill each crack slowly so as not to spill over onto other areas around it; try using an old spoon handle or stick instead of your fingers for this part.

Once the cracks are filled, you will want to use your hands or a small trowel (if available) to smooth out any excess material and level them with the rest of your driveway surface. Once this is completed, wet down each crack once more before letting it sit for 24 hours – allowing everything time to set and dry into place! To finish up that job, go over all of your driveways edges and curves one last time using either a cold chisel or an old screwdriver; removing any loose dirt around the sides as well as smoothing away anything left on top which may have been pushed there during repairs.