Types of Portable Office Trailers: Big, Cheap and Mobile

The Different Types of Portable Office Trailers: What You Need to Know

What is a portable office trailer? A portable office trailer is an enclosed area with a floor and walls that can be moved from location to location. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles.

The first type of portable office trailers is the freestanding building. A freestanding building consists of a metal frame, sidewalls and roof that clip together on site to form an enclosed area. They can be as small as 400 square feet or large enough for more than 20 people with multiple rooms. There are also different components you can add such as bathrooms, storage units, windows and doors which increases the overall space inside of it making it look like a traditional office! These types of structures usually have one main entrance/exit door so they aren’t ideal if there’s going to be lots foot traffic however they do provide some very nice features.

Portable Office Trailers

Modular buildings The second type of portable office trailer is the modular building . This type is similar to the freestanding building in that they both have a metal frame and can be customized, but it differs because instead of having one large piece clip together on site they are manufactured off-site as multiple parts. These different modules then come together with connectors which increases its mobility – making them ideal for construction sites! The interior of this type of office trailer consists of drywall walls, windows/doors and bathroom components just like the freestanding buildings however you’ll find lots more space since there’s no need to wait for any additional pieces before being able to move it into place.

The third type of portable office trailers is mobile offices . This option is exactly what it sounds like: an entire office mounted onto the frame of a truck. The majority of these types are constructed out of aluminum or steel which makes them incredibly durable and able to handle the wear-and-tear associated with constant travel. These trailers were designed for extreme conditions so you’ll find lots features like air conditioning, heating units, vinyl floors and drop ceilings just in case there’s ever any damage done! They can range anywhere from 20 feet all the way up to 60+ feet but they do come at an increased price due to their size (and not considering fuel costs).