Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

DIY Tricks that Save Space

It’s not easy to live in small spaces without feeling cluttered, but it’s possible! Check out these clever storage ideas that will help your space feel more open.

The first thing to consider is the room you want to organize and use Smart Organisering for the best results.

For bedrooms, start by decluttering and organizing your closet so it’s easier to access what you need when getting dressed in the morning.

A great way to create extra storage space in a bedroom closet is with hanging shoe organizers—you can even add them inside footwear for an added layer of storage!

Smart Organisering

In bathrooms, install stackable baskets on the back of doors or use under-the-sink cabinets instead of countertops. This will give you more floor space while still keeping all necessities within reach when needed.

Another idea for small spaces such as studios and tiny homes is building out shelving systems that fit behind supportive walls (like studs) or between built-in furniture.

Hang baskets and bins on the wall or install shelves above head-height so even small items can be tucked away out of sight.

For kitchens, slide pots and pans behind doors under countertops to free up valuable space in cabinets while keeping frequently used utensils ready at hand. You could also increase storage by adding hanging hooks inside kitchen cupboards for saucepans, mixing bowls, etc., or use a magnetic strip to hold knives securely against the side of your fridge.

Using rollable carts instead of fixed shelving is another great way to get more functionality from limited floor space—try rolling them around when you need access before tucking them back into place again!

Finally, don’t forget about your furniture: create hidden storage by installing removable drawers under couches or chairs, or removing the legs of your coffee table to create an open ottoman that can hold board games and controllers. And if you’re looking for kitchen ideas , take a look at our post on cabinets.